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Short Term Medical Insurance

Short Term Medical

Short Term Medical insurance is major medical insurance for short periods of time, giving you protection when you need it. Pre-existing conditions are not covered with Short Term Medical, just illnesses or injuries sustained while covered under our plan. The health plan coverage is typically available for periods from 30 days through 12 months. These plans can give you some protection for limited periods while you are between standard health insurance coverage, (see below).

Short-term plans may be suitable if you:

  • Missed open enrollment for the year, and don’t qualify for a special enrollment period
  • Lost your job or got laid off
  • Need quick proof of insurance for a special activity or trip
  • Are waiting for your Medicare coverage to begin.

The Short Term Medical plan covers medically necessary services and supplies required to treat each patient, so long as no exclusions apply.

**Please note:  Short Term Medical (STM) coverage is not a replacement for ACA mandated health insurance.  It is solely meant as temporary coverage to provide you some financial peace of mind until you are able to enroll for ACA qualified coverage. this means you may have to pay a tax penalty.

Short-term plans generally have lower premium prices than major medical plans. But, short-term plans usually offer more limited coverage than major medical.

Short-term plans often do cover:

  • Unexpected illness and injury
  • Inpatient and outpatient hospital services
  • Emergency room visits

Short-term coverage may also include discounts for using doctors and facilities within a preferred network. You generally are responsible for paying a deductible and coinsurance and are likely to be subject to a lifetime coverage limit. The exact coverage and benefits offered by a short-term plan depend on the particular policy and insurance company you choose.

Short-term plans often do NOT cover

  • pre-existing conditions,
  • preventive care,
  • pregnancy and maternity,
  • immunizations,
  • dental appointments,
  • vision care,
  • foot care, and certain other services.

Short-term plans are not guaranteed-issue; you will have to answer a medical questionnaire about your health status and history and your coverage will depend on your answers.

Again, short-term plans are usually not suited to people with pre-existing conditions, as those aren’t covered.